Rip Van Winkle Would Be Proud

By Tom Interval

The Magic and the Mind blog has been quite lonely for the last few years, but, we’re back!

It’s not that Iris and I have been in Rip Van Winkle-like sleep mode. Life happens, and circumstances have led to a rather lengthy hiatus.

I’m not going to get too specific now, but we’re in the planning stages of a Magic and the Mind virtual reboot and will let you know the details soon.

In the mean time, all the best to you and your family.

See you soon!

About Magic and the Mind

Magic and the Mind is an enrichment program that teaches students about psychology, neuroscience, and critical thinking as revealed through some of the techniques magicians use to fool people's minds. Designed by cognitive scientist Dr. Iris Oved and magician Tom Interval, the San Diego-based program will first be offered as children's camps in the summer and fall of 2014 through the University of California (UCSD) Extension. To learn more, please visit the Magic and the Mind website at

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