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New Magic and the Mind Website Launched

By Tom Interval

New WebsiteThe new Magic and the Mind website ( is now live. At the moment, the new site includes only the most important content, such as information about programs, the teachers, news, videos, resources, and more. However, as the program gains momentum, we plan to add more content, so please stop back every now and then to see what surprises we have in store. In the mean time, stay on top of all the latest updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter. And, as usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Website Update

By Tom Interval

New WebsiteThe new Magic and the Mind website——should be up and running within the next few days. As of this moment, there is a temporary page that includes only the most important content, such as the registration link to our summer children’s camp at UCSD Extension on Aug. 11-15  as well as more information about the program itself.

The new site will include several sections, including Programs, Teachers, Calendar, News, Videos, Resources, and more. Since Magic and the Mind is so new, the site does not have tons of content yet. However, as the program gains momentum, more related content will appear (no pun intended).

Technically speaking, the site will be clean, easy to navigate, and conform to the latest website-development standards. That means easy browsing for you no matter what computer or other electronic device you’re on. While the site will go live this week, we’ll be optimizing it for those other devices (i.e., smartphones, iPads, Kindles, etc.) over the next week.

Please check from time to time to see what surprises we have in store. For example, in the near future, we’re probably going to add some interactive content so you can test your mind and have fun at the same time! Okay, so that part’s no longer a surprise, but we’ll be busy thinking of other cool stuff that will both entertain and educate!



Magic and the Mind Featured on XETV San Diego 6 “Wake Up San Diego”

By Tom Interval

Today XETV San Diego 6 featured Magic and the Mind on its morning show, “Wake Up San Diego,” over two segments. News anchors Susana Franco and Chase Cain were fantastic hosts, reacting favorably to the material we presented.

During the first segment, from about 8:50 to 8:54 a.m., Iris gave an overview of the program before Tom performed the Magic and the Mind card trick (formally known as “Unshuffled” in magic circles). Iris closed the segment by talking about assumptions, probability, and randomness and how those things relate to magicians deceiving their audiences.

The second segment, which ran from about 9:50 to 9:52 a.m. was just enough time for Tom to perform another trick (the Vernon wand spin) and for Iris to explain a bit of the neuroscience behind it without actually revealing its secret.

You can watch our San Diego 6 interview in the embedded video below, on the Videos section of our website, or on our YouTube channel. To learn more about our upcoming children’s camp from Aug. 11–15 at UCSD Extension, please go to